A strange occurrence

Lost remains

As the adventurers wake up to a new morning, Barnadur seems to have lost an item very close to him, his sigil ring. After furiously looking for it he eventually turns his head to the rest of the group with a suspicion that someone from his past might be behind it all. As he find out that someone has picked up Niel’s corpse and left the city claiming to be Barnadur.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party meets up in front of the infirmary and discusses the next step forward towards the monastery. Katgarh seems to have arranged a lift out of town and Ulfgarh unsuccessfully after hearing the news of Niel’s corpse tries to locate his chain mail.

The party tracks the imitators to the northern gate and decides to quickly restock on food for the travel and ends up finding their new ride out of town. A small energized gnome named Zejjo _______ accompanied by his pet Chicken Katja guides them out of town and through the forrest were they are ambushed.

After a short lived battle Katgarh finds another glass fragment that attaches to the one he already have obtained. Zejjo mentions a similar glow coming from the deeper part of the Casagary about a week ago.


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